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ZuvaSyntha is combining advance biotechnology with rigorous chemical engineering to produce chemicals and fuels from renewable resources, such as the low cost C1 feedstocks syngas and methanol. The company is currently focussed on its lead proprietary program to develop a novel bio-route to butadiene for renewable rubber.

ZuvaSyntha’s key commercial objective is to be a highly cash-generative company delivering innovative and cost-competitive solutions for the production of renewable intermediate chemicals via a bio-based or a fully biological approach
A high proportion of the cost of chemical products can be due to the cost of the input feedstock. ZuvaSyntha recognises that market share in this space will be driven by production costs and is therefore focused on cheap and renewable sources of C1 feedstocks
Butadiene is a valuable and versatile intermediate utilised in the production of a number of important industrial products - primarily elastomers such as synthetic rubber. Approximately 10 million tonnes of BD are produced annually

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