ZuvaSyntha is developing microbial technology to produce chemicals and fuels from renewable resources, such as the low cost C1 feedstocks syngas and methanol. The company, formed through the recent merger of BioSyntha Technology Ltd and ZuvaChem LLC, is currently focussed on its lead proprietary program to develop a novel bio-route to butadiene for renewable rubber.

ZuvaSyntha has extensive practical experience in turning a wide range of microorganisms into industrial tools. Our expertise includes metabolic pathway engineering, strain development, biocatalysis and fermentation.
ZuvaSyntha offers contract R&D in product and process development, metabolite synthesis, biocatalysis, metabolic pathway engineering and fermentation. We have a flexible business model to suit customer needs.
ZuvaSyntha is developing microorganisms capable of converting syngas to valuable platform chemicals and advanced biofuels. Bioconversion via Syngas will allow "waste" to be used as an alternative to petroleum.

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