Management Team

Steven Martin, CEO

Dr Steve Martin | BiosynthaSteven Martin has more than 20 years industrial experience in the Pharmaceutical and Industrial Biotechnology sectors. Steve was formerly Executive R&D Director at TMO Renewables Ltd, where he was responsible for the internal and external research programs focussed on developing their proprietary thermophilic bacterium (Geobacillus spp.) into a robust industrial platform for the production of biofuels and chemicals from waste biomass. During his tenure at TMO, Steve set up the research labs in Guildford, recruited a talented research team and helped the Company raise more than £50m in financing to transition their technology from concept to commercialisation. In addition, he was responsible for business development in China including collaborations with a number of large state-owned companies and Universities. Prior to TMO, Steve was Head of Fermentation at Cubist Pharmaceuticals and was responsible for the UK pilot plant and the fermentation activities at two manufacturing sites in Italy. He was lead scientist on the fermentation process development and scale-up of the first-in-class lipopeptide antibiotic daptomycin (Cubicin™). Prior to this he held research management positions at TerraGen Discovery, Inc. and Xenova Discovery Ltd.

Michelle Gradley, Chief Technical Officer

Biosyntha - Michelle GradleyMichelle is a biochemist with 20 years experience in microbial and enzymatic process development, from biocatalyst discovery through to full scale commercial manufacture. A B.Sc and PhD in microbiology and microbial biochemistry respectively promoted an interest in the application of enzymes and microorganisms for ‘green chemistry’ process development. Key positions have been10 years at Zylepsis Limited leading the development of bioprocesses for the synthesis of key food ingredients and novel actives for the personal care industry. This included leadership of the group which developed the first commercial fermentation process for production of natural vanillin and over 7 years at Novacta Biosystems leading the biocatalysis and fermentation groups within Novacta’s contracts business. Michelle is an inventor on several patents covering the application of enzymes for integration into chemical synthetic routes, synthesis of natural products via fermentation, product isolation techniques and the design and discovery of new cosmetic ingredients.