Case Study on Pharmaceuticals Pathway Engineering

Secondary Metabolism – Pharmaceuticals

BioSyntha scientists played major roles in the development of

    • β-lactams (carbapenems and clavams)
    • Polyketides (endectocides and macrolide antibiotics)
    • Nucleosides (aristeromycin and nikkomycins)
    • Isoprenoids (sordarins)
    • Lantibiotics

Example of metabolic engineering for pharmaceuticals

    • Knockouts (gene replacements) of tailoring enzymes, eg hydroxylases, methyltransferases, glycosyltransferases, deoxysugar biosynthesis
    • Genetic “mix and match” to generate a large number of analogues
    • Alternative hydroxylases/epoxidases
    • Generation & introduction of alternative sugar biosynthesis cassettes and glycosyltransferases
    • Modification of the backbone through manipulation of the modular polyketide synthase