The chemical industry generates more than US$3 trillion per annum and its wide array of products are incorporated into more than 95% of the world’s manufactured goods. The largest market segment (>US$1 trillion) is the provision of basic and intermediate chemicals such as ethylene, propylene, butanediol, and butadiene. The industry has many challenges however, including rising prices, price volatility, availability and the overall sustainability of routes dependent upon petrochemicals. Cost competitive renewable routes to these important building blocks are being actively sought by the chemical industry. The economics of these routes will ultimately determine their commercial success, and as production costs are largely dominated by feedstock costs, the use of low cost C1 feedstocks, such as syngas, methane, CO2 and methanol, is expected to deliver overall economic competitiveness and drive market share.

ZuvaSyntha’s key commercial objective is to be a highly cash-generative company delivering innovative and cost-competitive solutions for the production of renewable intermediate chemicals via a bio-based or a fully biological approach using any one of a number of specifically tailored microorganisms that can utilise low cost C1 feedstocks. ZuvaSyntha is adopting an accelerated route to market via strategic alliances with global corporate partners.

In delivering these early solutions, ZuvaSyntha will build a flexible technology platform that can be extended to the production of additional chemicals in a variety of attractive market sectors.